Booking Advice

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating that I know what an important decision photography is! So with that, I wanted to offer some advice on booking the right photographer (no matter if it’s me or not). So here are some things, as someone in the industry, that you should consider when making your decision.

1. Style.

Okay, this one is obvious but sometimes, people don’t take this into consideration enough! So, make sure you LOVE their pictures. This is literally the ONLY THING from the day that LASTS, and you'll be looking at these for decades to come. So don’t settle!

2. Make sure you like THEM.

Maybe the not so obvious thing to consider. I tell all my clients to choose someone that they LIKE, and don’t mind spending a few hours with. So make sure it’s someone you get along with and vibe with because you will be spending quite a bit of time with them.  

3. Make sure they have positive energy.

One of the things that is most important for me to do on a session day is bring positive energy to every interaction I have, and also bring a sense of calm when needed. Do they have an energy that is going to get you excited about taking pictures? Find someone just as eager to celebrate this chapter in your life as you are.

4. Price vs. Value

All of us photographers understand that budget is something very important to consider, and we don’t want you to have regrets! Often times, our budgets may need to have a little wiggle room for the things that are truly important to us. There are all different kinds of photographers (ones that will send a contract, and then you won’t hear from them until your session day which will be less money) or ones that pride themselves (like me) on giving an experience. For me personally, I help every step of the way as you’re planning your session. 

My goal is to make it as stress free and fun as possible, so that means I’m helping create your timeline, your shot list, giving vendor recommendations, album suggestions and design, and so much more. There is so much VALUE in an experience.

5. Reliability.

Make sure you know who the photographer is that will be shooting your session! (Seems obvious, but some large studios just send a random person - whoever is available on your day!) Also, make sure they can provide some sort of back up plan (or plan of a plan) in case of emergency so that you’re not in a bind without a photographer incase they come down with the plague or something. =)

6. The Delivered Product

Make sure you know what you’re getting in your contract. Are you getting digitals? Prints? An album? Do they have a watermark? Do you have print rights if that’s important to you? Make sure they meet the criteria of what you want and what you’re hoping for!