I wanted to share some location options with you!

If you can broadly decide between country, urban, park, or beach; we can get closer to finding YOUR spot.

Here is a very broad overlook at some images taken at those different settings.

And on my blog you will find more detailed views of each type:

          * COUNTRY
          * BEACH
          * PARK
          * DOWNTOWN

          * Or maybe you'd like to tell your story in a LIFESTYLE way, in the place where you live or where your life is happening!

Lastly, I ❤️ St. Augustine & Washington Oaks State Park. This session gives you allllll the locations in one session. This session is a bit more time consuming due to travel, and it's oh so worth it! It's about a 4 hour session, giving you 60 images, for $600 (including mileage).

Of course there's a million places for us to visit! Hopefully this gets you brainstorming!