I love warm, bright, jump off the page imagery. I aim to show connection, happiness, and love! I am a stickler for technical integrity, so you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality images from me.

I'm known to be an adaptable photographer who listens to my clients, so that each session is unique, and a reflection of them. 

I love to connect with people, and I absolutely light up when the nervous barriers go down, and my people show me the real them! You can expect your session to be one of a kind!

Fair warning, during sessions I get excited, so I may dance. I promise not to sing. Although, I have been known to bark, yelp, and generally act a fool to get what I want!

Always included

My style

you can expect

Ultimately, we want to see your walls decorated and your image heirlooms preserved. I will work with you until the end, so that you know all your options when ordering your products.

I also offer a wide selection of uniquely designed, press products for announcements and invitations.


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Portrait Sessions start at $450. 
Weddings start at $2500