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Hello & welcome to the blog! I'm Angela Norton, and I'm a family, senior, & wedding photographer based in North Central Florida. I'd love for you to relax a while here, and enjoy reading the ANP stories. You'll also find tons of resources for your next session or wedding!





Hey there! I'm Angela.

We had an early morning appointment to knock out these commercial marketing images so these men & women could get on the road and to work!




company | All In Removal

photographer | Angela Norton

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All In Removal

Ocala Florida


Levy Animal Clinic is full of pretty ladies! They made easy work out of obtaining the marketing imagery for their updated website!



business | Levy Animal Clinic

photographer | Angela Norton

Levy Animal Clinic

Williston Florida


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When a well respected family photographer asks you to do their family pictures (again), first you do a little dance, then you start worrying about doing a stellar job.

Well, these sweet people made my job very, very easy. Momma found the perfect location, and we rolled through the session with snuggles, laughs, and some hugs! These adorable kiddos are equal parts sugar & spice, and I just love being in their company!

Be sure to check out Megan at Halcyon Days Photography. She is a very talented, Gainesville based photographer.



photographer | Angela Norton

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The Brown Family

Gainesville Florida



Perfection is impossible but preparedness makes a world of difference! Preparing for your session is essential to making sure you have the images you want. After booking your session there are a few very important things you must do!



Location is everything and sets the tone for the entire session. Finding a location with variety and character is likely the most important part! No matter what type of session, the setting is going to be extremely important to the outcome. Scouting a location and knowing the options it offers for your photos can help enhance your images and make them more personal!



After deciding on a location, planning outfits accordingly is also extremely important. You want your choices to match one another (location and outfits) to help your photos look more polished. Take into consideration a change in lighting, instances when you want to be barefoot, and times when a certain accessory can change an image for the better! Don’t be afraid of textures and pops of color, this helps set your images apart! Any personal items or props that you may want to incorporate, don’t hesitate to bring. This can include things like jewelry, hats, jackets (letterman, etc.), awards and even a unique chair. It’s important to remember that these images are completely custom to you and should represent things you like!



After deciding on a location, outfits, and props and/or accessories, hair and makeup details become just as important. Try to focus on making hair and makeup choices that will last throughout the entire session. Know what works for you and what is going to hold best (especially in the Florida heat😉). Practicing your hair and makeup before your session can help you better understand what you want and things you may want to change!



Lastly, confidence is key in all things, but especially in your session. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to help achieve the images you want! Trust me, they are lots of fun to look at afterwards! Find images you may want to replicate and be willing to try new things. After all, this is all about YOU!


At the end of it all, the preparation will be worth the hassle for your outstanding images!


guest writer | Emma Moxley

photographer | Angela Norton

Senior Session Prep

Senior Session Preparation Advice

Session Education

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I knew all along that Meagan was going to totally rock Dallas’ One Year / Gladwell Family portrait session, and yet she still amazed me! This super talented, hard working momma juggled all the balls that day to pull this one off. She’s spends all day, every day raising little people, both at work and home, and she’s loved by so many!

And just look at her results!

Sweet kiddos who I can’t get enough of and would love to put in my pocket and take home with me. Of course, let’s all give dad a big huge nod… all his girls adore him, and he obviously will do anything for them, including sitting in front of a flowered teepee in his front yard!

Speaking of their front yard! I could have stayed there forever. They have an absolutely gorgeous view.

So that’s enough of me gushing over this sweet, kind, funny, and stunningly beautiful family!

Now, enjoy some eye candy courtesy of a momma who knows how to celebrate!


photographer | Angela Norton

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The Gladwell Family

Montebrook Florida



Fall 2020 Family Mini Session presented by Angela Norton Photography


Check out Hadley’s Senior Session to see more!

photographer | Angela Norton

The Etheridge Family

Morriston Florida


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Here is the newborn baby session where I begrudgingly admit that I am not a baby-whisperer. I tried and tried to get Ashlee her sleepy baby, posed, wrapped images, but baby K had his own plans. This little guy was so aware of everything, and made it clear to me that he was in charge.

So we switched gears. I pulled out the bed, put K in his sleeper, and let them all be themselves. I.e. lifestyle. And I think it’s beautiful.


photographer | Angela Norton Photography


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Baby K

Sweet newborn in the studio

Newborn & Maternity

This is the family session that literally weathered a storm, and it was worth it!

Megan had a bit of a hard time finding a session date, which is a common problem as we get closer to the holidays. And after daylight savings, there’s even more difficulty as sessions start at 4 pm, which feels so early.

So, when the beautiful day turned stormy, we had to push through. We managed to get in some pictures before the storm and some more after.

You’ll notice the difference vibe and color, which was pretty cool to us!


photographer | Angela Norton

The Roberts Family

Romeo Florida


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So, I’m going to try really hard to not fan-girl this high school senior. I just think the world of her.

Emma will be graduating Williston High School in 2021, and the world better watch out. She’s got the trifecta: brains, beauty, and grit. She’s got a limitless future ahead of her.

Her mom found this hidden gem of a location, Emma was skeptical, but checked it out anyway. And boy was she thrilled. And however happy Emma was, I was a hundred times happier. That place doesn’t even look like Florida! Ironically, during our consultation meeting, I was off-handedly complaining that our area of Florida is so flat and finding even a hill is hard. Well, God must have been listening and threw me a bone!

Sometimes we felt like we were out west, sometimes we imagined we were in Ireland. Everywhere we turned was beauty and had texture and HILLS!

On top of the epic location, we had a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, not too hot at all, with a nice breeze. Emma was smart and had a hairstyle that would blow perfectly in the breeze and still look good. Speaking of Emma’s choices…. This girl! Ya’ll, she had everything planned to a tee! It was a joy to work with her and her outstanding style. She was so prepared that I’ve asked her to be a guest host on my blog and share her advice on how to prep for a senior session. I’ll share it as soon as it’s ready!

She was ready to go from the gate (literally). We got into the gate and the cows were there, and she went right into model posing level 10!  And it only got better. If you’ve read any of my past blog posts, you’ll know that I love (LOVE) a client who trusts me and is willing to try anything. Sometimes we hit it out of the park, and sometimes we don’t, but a try-it-anyway attitude is a characteristic I appreciate so much.

As you can see from this huge gallery, due to her preparedness, ambition, and excitement, we were able to get a HUGE variety of images. I am beyond thrilled with the gallery delivery and am on the edge of my seat excited to share it with you all!

Emma, (okay, I’ll fan-girl for a moment) You are a light! Your kindness is so well balanced with your grit. You know how to get what you want, and you do it with grace. I truly look forward to seeing you grow, and taking this world by storm. You’ve got it all ahead, and your future couldn’t be brighter. I wish you many many blessings, and much reward for your hard work. XOXO

senior girl with cows


photography by Angela Norton Photography

hair by Tiffany Moxley at Main Street Salon, Williston

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Emma’s Senior Session

Private Farm | Williston Florida


This momma to be was radiant in blue! She knew exactly what to wear to her maternity session! She is sure proud of all her boys.

I’ve had the honor to watch Ashlee grow into the wonderful woman and mom she is! And her boys are sure blessed to have her. And how adorable is she with that belly!

Ashlee booked a simple Petite Maternity Session, because she knew her boy would be, well a boy, and 30 minutes was more than enough. As you can see we tried to keep up with him, but he’s a quick little dude. What I loved, was that mom and just laughed it off. You can’t have high expectations of little ones. You really can’t predict them (well you can predict them being wild!). And you really have to let them have their way.  And you have to laugh it off! They aren’t trying to be bad, they just don’t want to do what we want to do!

We had a great evening, with the light we wanted. We had a cool front the couple of days before, but the weather decided to hit back into the 90’s for us this day. We hid all the sweat pretty well!

Corey & Ashlee, It is a joy to be with ya’ll and I am humbled and grateful that you choose me year after year! I can’t wait to get my hands on the baby!


Hair by Jackie Bryant

Photography by Angela Norton Photography

The Vanlandingham Family

Maternity Session | ANP Studio

Newborn & Maternity

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