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Hey there! I'm Angela.

Hello & welcome to the blog! I'm Angela Norton, and I'm a family, senior, & wedding photographer based in North Central Florida. I'd love for you to relax a while here, and enjoy reading the ANP stories. You'll also find resources for your next session or wedding!

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Newborn family session at ANP Studio.

This is how deciding on a newborn session after the newborn is here, can actually work out beautifully.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous about this session. Put together: the week of Thanksgiving craziness, the peak of holiday sessions (squeezing in back to back sessions for weeks), and a newborn that was on the older side of my comfort zone.

And, that’s just my side of the story.

The McCurdy’s were starting their holiday season with their precious newborn, all the while not living in their actual home. It was being remodeled, they were dealing with all sorts of issues, while acting as vagabonds across the street of their home (and real nursery). I’m telling you. Craziness all the way around.

But don’t they look the epitome of calmness and love? Actually, they were very calm. Me? I was still nervous, until this baby made me melt and was the perfect little, sweet, easy model.

See for yourself!

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The McCurdy Family

A sweet baby girl | Morriston Florida | Angela Norton Newborn Photography

Newborn & Maternity

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Those few precious days in the little cocoon of the hospital room, with a newly expanded family are absolutely priceless. From the feeling of comfort in knowing you are surrounded by nurses who are there to help, to just that feeling of wonder knowing your whole world exists in that space.

This family of four was no different. They ate up every moment with the new baby, while working hard at keeping an active toddler content. They were so calm and at ease with the process, and savoring the time before they go home, and things get REAL.

They say the jump from one to two kids is the hardest…. We shall see! Congratulations Schusters!


Baby Nora | Fresh 48

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Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, Florida

Newborn & Maternity

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Colorado’s his name. Adventure {will be} his game. What do you expect from parents who love travel?

His nursery seemed just out of a magazine. A photographers dream… grey walls, the right amount of decor, an adorable fuzzy ottoman, and more! 

I was there the day before momma had to go back to work. She told me how supportive her coworkers and boss are, and how everyone was making it a little easier. It takes a village doesn’t it! 

Kim, I loved sitting on the floor and just chatting and swapping stories. What is it about a sweet, happy baby in the room that just covers the space in calm? You have a handsome family, and I wish ya’ll joy, love, and plenty of adventure. 

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He’s Named For Adventure | Williston Florida | Angela Norton Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Newborn & Maternity

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toddler in a pink dress running under shade trees

This precious family stole my heart. They are so sweet! I brought my husband along as my assistant for this session. Well, since I was going to St. Augustine, we might as well make a little getaway out of it! The things I do for work. I tell ya… 😉

The Schuster’s made us feel welcome in every way possible. And we were so happy to be there, and be a part of this moment with them. Not to mention the park. Gorgeous, and lush, and gorgeous. When you’re on the east coast, just south of St. Augustine, go visit Washington Oaks State Park!

A family of three, on the brink of becoming a family of four! Mom and dad get to say, ‘kids’ and ‘daughters’ and all those plural words. They also have double the trouble and sweetness.

Connie & Mike, they say the jump from 1 to 2 kids is the hardest. So really, why not have 3? We wish ya’ll all the happiness in the whole wide world! You have created a wonderful life.

The Schuster Family

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Maternity at Washington Oaks | Williston Florida | Angela Norton Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Newborn & Maternity

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Oh momma! This young lady is an absolutely stunning mom-to-be.

As you can see, she wanted those belly pictures, but she also had other important things to document. Tiny boots, ultrasound, and the cutest puppy!

Amber, enjoy these moments, because baby T is about to run you! And you’ll love every minute of it 😉

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An evening at the Cracker House | Williston Florida | Angela Norton Maternity Photography

Newborn & Maternity

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