The Schuster Family

Newborn & Maternity

This precious family stole my heart. They are so sweet! I brought my husband along as my assistant for this session. Well, since I was going to St. Augustine, we might as well make a little getaway out of it! The things I do for work. I tell ya… 😉

The Schuster’s made us feel welcome in every way possible. And we were so happy to be there, and be a part of this moment with them. Not to mention the park. Gorgeous, and lush, and gorgeous. When you’re on the east coast, just south of St. Augustine, go visit Washington Oaks State Park!

A family of three, on the brink of becoming a family of four! Mom and dad get to say, ‘kids’ and ‘daughters’ and all those plural words. They also have double the trouble and sweetness.

Connie & Mike, they say the jump from 1 to 2 kids is the hardest. So really, why not have 3? We wish ya’ll all the happiness in the whole wide world! You have created a wonderful life.

Maternity & Newborn




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