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Hello & welcome to the blog! I'm Angela Norton, and I'm a family, senior, & wedding photographer based in North Central Florida. I'd love for you to relax a while here, and enjoy reading the ANP stories. You'll also find tons of resources for your next session or wedding!





Hey there! I'm Angela.


Our St. Augustine engagement session day started off on the wrong foot for me. You see, I inadvertently had us all park in the wrong spot! And since it was moving day for the college, the streets were packed to the gills! So we decided to walk to our location, instead of drive.


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Logan + Kayla | Engaged

St. Augustine & Washington Oaks


How to do a mommy and me session when they are all grown up.

Ya’ll know I love these ladies! And it’s also no secret that Carlie is my right hand here at ANP!


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On this evening we went to Downtown Ocala. They just wanted to do something different, have a change of scenery, and I love different. So I was excited, and downtown didn’t disappoint.


We didn’t really have a plan, and I’ve never worked in downtown Ocala, so we just walked around, tried and missed… and tried and WON. Thankfully my husband went with us so he could be our traffic spotter. He kept us from being run over… and he kept us giggling.


After we got what we wanted and ran out of light, we topped off an already great night with a yummy dinner at Harry’s.


photographer | Angela Norton Photography

The Vining Family

Downtown Ocala, Florida


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I’ll do downtown St. Augustine anytime. ANY. TIME.

First, don’t you just love the feel when you’re in someplace with such a rich history. Every old wall, or brick in the road, makes me dream of the people who made it. What they wore, what tools they used, where they lived….

Second, combine all-the-feels with a super family. Andrea and I had only emailed and talked on the phone, so it’s always exciting when all the plans work out so nicely. And by plans, I mean we really didn’t have one. We winged it, and it was magic.

Andrea really wanted to show St. Augustine in her family pictures, because she didn’t know if their future was to stay, or go. And she just wanted something that reflected where they were on their journey. Her family is also a perfect example of letting the kids wear what they want (sorta)… right down to a tutu and some crazy socks.

We parked in a little spot recommended to us, and just started walking. And really, it’s harder to find a BAD scene than a good one.

The colors, light, and texture are a photographers dream. As you’ll see….

If Andrea gets 20 comments on this post, she will receive a complementary 11″x14″ of her favorite image!

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The Mirabito Family

A session in the Old City | St. Augustine Florida | Angela Norton Family Photography