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Hello & welcome to the blog! I'm Angela Norton, and I'm a family, senior, & wedding photographer based in North Central Florida. I'd love for you to relax a while here, and enjoy reading the ANP stories. You'll also find tons of resources for your next session or wedding!





Hey there! I'm Angela.


Welcome to the loveliest High Springs backyard wedding ever! Family and friends came from all over the country to be with them and celebrate. The bride did an amazing job of designing a classy and romantic ambiance. And everyone made me feel like I was a part of their bunch.

Josh and Jenna were all smiles on their wedding day. In fact, it was very difficult for either of them to give me a model face. They just kept laughing! At times, Josh had me laughing so much I couldn’t get my words out! You can just see that they love each other, and enjoy being around each other.

Their intimate ceremony took place in a moment of cooler Florida weather, and in true Florida fashion, quickly turned to a rainstorm. Meanwhile, this bride took it all in stride. She quickly moved her guests inside, and made the best of it. And you would never ever know by talking to her, that her beautiful reception decorations were getting drenched.

She was truly all smiles, and she was a joy to be around.

We were able to sneak here and there for portraits, and if you look closely, many were done in the rain. Again, she was up for anything and just wasn’t caught up in any unnecessary worry or disappointment. Against the odds, was truly enjoying her day.

What I loved most about this day, was the closeness of Josh and Jenna’s friends and family. Above all, to have a group of people love on them so much, was an inspiring thing to watch.

Josh and Jenna, I wish you all the best! And if you can survive rain on your wedding day with such a great spirit, I know you will weather all the storms that this life is going to throw at you. It was an honor to be there and I can’t thank you enough.


Officiant | Roby, Grooms Best Friend
Venue | Josh and Jenna’s Home
Dress | The Wedding Cycle
Hair Artist | Cheyenne Brewer
Catering | Chuy’s
Rentals | Pre Event Resources


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Josh + Jenna

High Springs Backyard Wedding


Brian + Amanda

Baughman Center Wedding | Hilton UF


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It was a brilliant Florida day for a family photography session.  Lots of warm sunshine after a cold, windy Winter, I was one happy photographer!

We were initially planning to do their session in downtown Sanford, but (thankfully!!) Mr. Schuster wanted to do the session in their neighborhood. He has a job where they move every so often, and he wanted the memory of this place they call home right now. Talk about husband points! Momma was so proud of her man.

I have photographed this family for several years now! It started with their youngest’s maternity session, which was also perfect by the way. Then I was asked to be a part of their precious hospital time for her Fresh 48 in St. Augustine. And we’ve had all their yearly sessions in between!

We are spoiled with each other, because we know what to expect and love on each other freely!

Funny story, we actually did some bargaining on this particular session.  A while back she loaned me a lovely  Tori Burch purse, and I was over the moon. I mean really, its just so soft and sooo preeettty. So when she offered to trade the session for the purse, I was all over that deal! Lucky me right! Just don’t tell my accountant, haha!

In addition to the location change, we decided to do the session in the middle of the day, when the girls would be happiest. I was thrilled! I love a challenge and midday Florida sun without a cloud in the sky, is sure a challenge. But with these beauties, how could I go wrong?!

See for yourself!


Sanford Florida Family Photography Session


family photography session | Angela Norton Photography

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The Schuster Family

Lake Forest, Sanford, Florida



Our St. Augustine engagement session day started off on the wrong foot for me. You see, I inadvertently had us all park in the wrong spot! And since it was moving day for the college, the streets were packed to the gills! So we decided to walk to our location, instead of drive.


Logan + Kayla | Engaged

St. Augustine & Washington Oaks


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It doesn’t get much prettier than Shalom Park in the Fall. Rebecca and Austin’s engagement session will always be one of my favorites. I mean really… A man in uniform with his lady in a red dress. What can be better?

We met at Shalom Park in Ocala Florida on the most beautiful evening. Rebecca and Austin were a dream couple!

Easy going, full of smiles, and totally in love.

We moved through the park utilizing the spots that had the best light that time of year.

And oh, the silhouette pictures! Insert heart eyes. I love how we can recognize his uniform as military.

We closed the park down that night, and made every gorgeous minute count.




VENUE: Shalom Park

PHOTOGRAPHER: Angela Norton Photography



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Austin + Rebecca | Engaged

It doesn’t get much prettier than Shalom Park in the Fall. Rebecca and Austin’s engagement session will always be one of my favorites. I mean really… A man in uniform with his lady in a red dress. What can be better? We met at Shalom Park in Ocala Florida on the most beautiful evening. Rebecca […]


Don’t you just love a Christ centered wedding? The feelings of joy and love fill the air feel just like fog in the early morning.

This gorgeous Kanapaha Garden Wedding was about as perfect as you could get. The ceremony took place in the Bamboo Gardens. Not only do they love each other, but they also love their family, friends, and mostly importantly, God. This was evident in all their planning and perpetration for their big day. They thought of everything because they are always thoughtful of others. 

 Cody and Leilani , I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your big day, it was surely a day to remember!

If Cody and Leilani get 20 comments on this post, they will receive a complementary 8 x 10 of their favorite image!

Cody + Leilani

The Heislers Kanapaha Botanical Garden Wedding. Take a look at a tiny portion of their big day! | Gainesville Florida | Angela Norton Wedding Photographer


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toddler in a pink dress running under shade trees

This precious family stole my heart. They are so sweet! I brought my husband along as my assistant for this session. Well, since I was going to St. Augustine, we might as well make a little getaway out of it! The things I do for work. I tell ya… 😉

The Schuster’s made us feel welcome in every way possible. And we were so happy to be there, and be a part of this moment with them. Not to mention the park. Gorgeous, and lush, and gorgeous. When you’re on the east coast, just south of St. Augustine, go visit Washington Oaks State Park!

A family of three, on the brink of becoming a family of four! Mom and dad get to say, ‘kids’ and ‘daughters’ and all those plural words. They also have double the trouble and sweetness.

Connie & Mike, they say the jump from 1 to 2 kids is the hardest. So really, why not have 3? We wish ya’ll all the happiness in the whole wide world! You have created a wonderful life.

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The Schuster Family

Maternity at Washington Oaks | Williston Florida | Angela Norton Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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