Josh + Jenna


Welcome to the loveliest High Springs backyard wedding ever! Family and friends came from all over the country to be with them and celebrate. The bride did an amazing job of designing a classy and romantic ambiance. And everyone made me feel like I was a part of their bunch.

Josh and Jenna were all smiles on their wedding day. In fact, it was very difficult for either of them to give me a model face. They just kept laughing! At times, Josh had me laughing so much I couldn’t get my words out! You can just see that they love each other, and enjoy being around each other.

Their intimate ceremony took place in a moment of cooler Florida weather, and in true Florida fashion, quickly turned to a rainstorm. Meanwhile, this bride took it all in stride. She quickly moved her guests inside, and made the best of it. And you would never ever know by talking to her, that her beautiful reception decorations were getting drenched.

She was truly all smiles, and she was a joy to be around.

We were able to sneak here and there for portraits, and if you look closely, many were done in the rain. Again, she was up for anything and just wasn’t caught up in any unnecessary worry or disappointment. Against the odds, was truly enjoying her day.

What I loved most about this day, was the closeness of Josh and Jenna’s friends and family. Above all, to have a group of people love on them so much, was an inspiring thing to watch.

Josh and Jenna, I wish you all the best! And if you can survive rain on your wedding day with such a great spirit, I know you will weather all the storms that this life is going to throw at you. It was an honor to be there and I can’t thank you enough.


Officiant | Roby, Grooms Best Friend
Venue | Josh and Jenna’s Home
Dress | The Wedding Cycle
Hair Artist | Cheyenne Brewer
Catering | Chuy’s
Rentals | Pre Event Resources


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