The Schuster Family

Lake Forest, Sanford, Florida

It was a brilliant Florida day for a family photography session.  Lots of warm sunshine after a cold, windy Winter, I was one happy photographer!

We were initially planning to do their session in downtown Sanford, but (thankfully!!) Mr. Schuster wanted to do the session in their neighborhood. He has a job where they move every so often, and he wanted the memory of this place they call home right now. Talk about husband points! Momma was so proud of her man.

I have photographed this family for several years now! It started with their youngest’s maternity session, which was also perfect by the way. Then I was asked to be a part of their precious hospital time for her Fresh 48 in St. Augustine. And we’ve had all their yearly sessions in between!

We are spoiled with each other, because we know what to expect and love on each other freely!

Funny story, we actually did some bargaining on this particular session.  A while back she loaned me a lovely  Tori Burch purse, and I was over the moon. I mean really, its just so soft and sooo preeettty. So when she offered to trade the session for the purse, I was all over that deal! Lucky me right! Just don’t tell my accountant, haha!

In addition to the location change, we decided to do the session in the middle of the day, when the girls would be happiest. I was thrilled! I love a challenge and midday Florida sun without a cloud in the sky, is sure a challenge. But with these beauties, how could I go wrong?!

See for yourself!


Sanford Florida Family Photography Session


family photography session | Angela Norton Photography

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