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Hello & welcome to the blog! I'm Angela Norton, and I'm a family, senior, & wedding photographer based in North Central Florida. I'd love for you to relax a while here, and enjoy reading the ANP stories. You'll also find tons of resources for your next session or wedding!





Hey there! I'm Angela.

Reid and Sara Nagle

One marketing firm, 3 companies. We coordinated it all and obtained their commercial marketing headshots with very little downtime for the companies involved.


Reid and Sara Nagle Big Lick LLC All In Removal Black Prong Equestrian Village


companies | All In Removal, Black Prong Equestrian Village, Big Lick

photographer | Angela Norton

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Corporate Headshots

Bronson Florida


We had an early morning appointment to knock out these commercial marketing images so these men & women could get on the road and to work!




company | All In Removal

photographer | Angela Norton

All In Removal

Ocala Florida


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Levy Animal Clinic is full of pretty ladies! They made easy work out of obtaining the marketing imagery for their updated website!



business | Levy Animal Clinic

photographer | Angela Norton

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Levy Animal Clinic

Williston Florida


commercial headshot

Jessica’s commercial headshot session, for her company Elite Massage & Recovery, went quickly and smoothly. Jessica came in with her hair and makeup professionally done, plus, really what a beautiful smile she has, so it was quite easy!

She’s a licensed massage therapist serving Williston and surrounding areas. She has two locations: Southern Sass Salon in Williston, and Go Primal Fitness in Gainesville. To top it off, she does home visits. Every service is customized, using a variety of techniques, as needed by your body and ready to help you for relaxation or with a medical and physical needs. What she can do with her hands as a massage therapist is just heavenly and healing.

She has a long list of very satisfied customers! And I’m one of them, so, I guess, this is my personal reference for her!

Anyway, enough gushing over her, and her magic hands.

If you need professional imagery for your marketing material, contact me for your commercial headshot today! Actually you don’t even need to have a business these days to need a headshot, many people simply want a nice headshot picture for their social media and linked in profiles. A nice headshot goes a long way when people, are searching (rather researching) you online.

As they say, put your best face forward!

Jessie’s headshot session was casual, matching her personality and business model. See for yourself!

commercial headshot commercial headshot commercial headshot


photographer | Angela Norton Photography

client | Elite Massage Therapy


Elite Massage

Studio Headshot, Morriston, Florida


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