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Hey there! I'm Angela.

Hello & welcome to the blog! I'm Angela Norton, and I'm a family, senior, & wedding photographer based in North Central Florida. I'd love for you to relax a while here, and enjoy reading the ANP stories. You'll also find resources for your next session or wedding!

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Ya’ll! This was the sweetest, simplest, love filled, and fun wedding! Dave and Maggie were married on their family property in Williston, and as everyone around here knows that the Whitehurst Lodge is a lovely, picturesque homesite, and a wonderful place to get married.

Dave and Maggie found each other after both were just looking for the right match. Their first date was a romantic boat ride in Crystal River, and the romance hasn’t slowed down! After they learned they have the same interests and hobbies (and even favorited the same candy!), they knew there was going to be more to their story.

They both love to hunt and fish, and love spending time at the river. Maggie said that Dave simply makes her feel loved… oh and she’s smitten over his pretty blue eyes! Dave loves Maggie for her contagious laugh and her loyalty to him. They are truly a great team, at work and and home, and everyone I spoke to said how unbelievably happy they are for them! I haven’t known them long, but I feel like they are the type of people you can not only depend on, but also have a great time with!

Dave proposed to Maggie in July, and in a short time they put together a beautiful wedding day! They wanted a really relaxed day with a sprinkling of tradition, and touches of Christmas.

They also wanted to celebrate, and with the help of Justin Lee Partin band, the place was rockin! And oh the food! I wish I could share with you the wonderful smells of all the delicious dishes! Sisters Place knows how to put out a mouth watering spread!

Dave and Maggie, I really enjoyed meeting you and your sweet, kind family. It was truly an honor to be a part of your day and get to celebrate this new chapter in your lives. I am sure you know it, but ya’ll are a super sweet team, and I wish you every happiness that you deserve!



flowers | SAMS

decor | FAMILY

catering | SISTERS PLACE

appetizer table & smores bar | LEXIE





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Dave + Maggie

Whitehurst Lodge, Williston Florida


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Logan and Kayla’s love story is what dreams are made of. Their trust in God to do good things in their lives is inspiring. And their wedding day was incredible.

Logan and Kayla’s friendship bloomed after she started working at WCCA. They saw special things in each other, and after a while, sparks started flying! Due to their position as influencers at the school, they were very intentional with their relationship. They waited, they prayed, they had complete trust in God to design their path. But all along, the chemistry couldn’t be denied!

Instead of me explaining, here’s what Kayla had to say about how it started for her. “So the Obsession began. I can remember every time I saw my sisters, mom, and close friends this is what they would hear………Oh my Gosh he is SO CUTE! He loves Jesus, his family, and kids. What is not to love about him. He is a true example of what a Godly relationship looks like in a child of God. Oh my gosh do you think he likes me? Do you think I should wear this to school? I can not believe he smiled at me today…… I think one day he will tell me if he likes me. Oh my goodness what if I am being so obsessive and he is not even interested. What am I going to do?”

Isn’t she the most adorable person ever!?!

And yes, Logan was so very into Kayla! He proposed to her on July 26th, without any of their usual fanfare. While he had planned a more extravagant proposal, he simply couldn’t wait. They were at his home, just cleaned up from they day, and enjoying a regular night; and Logan said, “in the middle of “our” future home. I told her what God revealed to me and how I felt about her and our future life together and asked her to marry me.”

Before their engagement session, Logan and Kayla told me that the thing they were most excited about on their wedding day, was having everyone that had poured into their lives, be together to celebrate what God has created. And boy did they! The Williston Church of God was standing room only! They are so loved and appreciated.

All Kayla kept saying in the bridal suite, was that she was ready to see him. So when they had their first look, I knew it wasn’t really going to be about looks. They just needed to hold on to each other, and talk about it all! And of course Logan was absolutely blown away by Kayla. She was positively radiant.

The day went so smoothly. Everything happened on time and in perfect order. The weather could not have been better. And the many hands helping made it an easy and joyful day.

After the ceremony we headed over to the Etheridge Produce packing shed, and let me tell you… That place hasn’t ever seen a party like that! The decor was gorgeous, and surely felt like it was a little magical place that night. I don’t know how many people were on that dance floor, but it was a sea of movers and shakers! The DJ did an amazing job of entertaining everyone, and keeping the momentum going.

Kayla and Logan wanted a party. While they wanted to do the traditional events of the reception, they really weren’t too focused on the details. They just wanted to dance! So they did!

All in all, it was a truly wonderful day. I’m honored to be able to share their story and witness such awe inspiring faith and love.

Kayla and Logan, you are a blessing to so many, and your joy is contagious! Ya’ll will have so so many more adventures, and I am beyond grateful that I got to be a part of this one. I love ya’ll so much, and cheers to many decades of love and happiness.






Reception Location | ETHERIDGE PRODUCE




Bridesmaid Dresses | AMAZON

Groomsmen Attire | CARLEY, ALLURE BRIDAL


Hangers |

Cake | KT’s Cakes


Logan + Kayla

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Williston Church of God, Williston Florida


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Tyler and Alyssa’s wedding pulled on the heartstrings all day long. The combination of their wonderfully joyful and loving family and the intimacy of the Sweetwater Branch in Gainesville’s historic district, was a formula for magic. When they decided to get married, they decided not to draw out a long engagement, and quickly put together this event. And you’d never know they didn’t plan for months and months. And believe me, you could tell from the smiles on every guests’ face, that they were having a great time!

Due to the brevity of their engagement, Tyler and Alyssa opted to skip the Engagement Session, which would normally scare me, because I really value that time with my couples, but it was totally fine. They are so easy going and kind, they really made my job very easy. And you will see in the images, they knocked their portraits out of the park!

When I entered the bridal suite, I was greeted with smiles and laughs. I even commented that the vibe in the room was so welcoming and calming. These ladies had been friends since they were Girl Scouts, and they made me feel so very much a part of their group. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about them. And you could feel the love they all had for each other; it was tangible.

It was the last weekend in November, and we couldn’t have custom ordered better weather. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was a perfect 66 degrees. We just had one small setback during the day, which was an accident on the highway, which delayed several guests, so the ceremony start time was pushed back slightly. Totally no big deal since the guests were quite comfortable, and the venue allowed us to extend the exit time by half an hour. We did have to put the bridal portraits into high gear, but you’d never know (1) that they had no engagement session practice, (2) that my tempo of instructions may have rivaled an auctioneers! They were absolute champs!

You know those times in your life when you know you are a part of something special? Yea, that was this day. Tyler and Alyssa I adore you both. Your day was magic. I pray for a blessed marriage and family for you! Thank you so much for the absolute honor and privilege of getting to witness and capture your day. Enjoy this visual story of your beautiful fall wedding day!



Ceremony & Reception | Sweetwater Branch Inn, Gainesville Florida

Dress Store | The Perfect Dress, Sarasota Florida

Florist | The Flower Shop, Gainesville, Florida

Hair & Make Up | Moxie To Go

Cake | Sugar Refined Bake Shop

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Tyler + Alyssa

Sweetwater Branch Inn, Historic Gainesville Florida


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The Pickin’ Patch in Dunnellon couldn’t be more beautiful. You can tell they work really hard at making it beautiful and a little different every year. It’s a beautiful backdrop for Fall family portraits!
And if you follow me at all, you know I love the Cuomo family. First of all, they make my job so easy! They are a great looking bunch, with style, and class. And they always make me feel like a part of the family.
This session was happenstance! Earlier that week, Amanda told me about the Pickin Patch, and I looked into it and fell in love.
Then, as fate would have it, I had a last minute rescheduling, which left me with an opening that I needed to fill. So I figured I’d put a post on social media using the Dunnellon Pickin Patch, and Amanda jumped on it!
And I am so so so glad she did!

The Cuomo Family

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The Pickin’ Patch in Dunnellon Florida


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Zach’s mom has been planning this session for over a year! And when she asked me if I’d be up for a Senior Session on Lake Hernando, of course, I was all in.As you can see, we had a beautiful Fall Florida evening weather, and we were blessed with epic skies.



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Zack | Senior Session

Senior Session on Lake Hernando


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At Rachel’s birthday party, we were asked to write our favorite thing about her. That was an easy one for me.


Rachel’s Party

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A Perfect Party in Bronson Florida


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When you have a backyard like this, why would you ever leave? This sweet family session at their home was just perfect.

The Cramer family home served as a beautiful backdrop for their family session. We had great weather, a beautiful golden sunset, and lots of smiles.


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The Cramer Family

When you have a backyard like this, why would you ever leave? This sweet family session at their home was just perfect. The Cramer family home served as a beautiful backdrop for their family session. We had great weather, a beautiful golden sunset, and lots of smiles.


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The Whitehurst Lodge is one of the prettiest little spots in the county. Overlooking a big pond, with huge old Oak Trees, and hosts the most beautiful sunsets.


The Whitehurst Family

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Whitehurst Lodge Williston Florida


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Article by the uber talented Sabrina Brice!

 Trial runs are a lifesaver!


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Wedding Day HMU

Advice from the artist!

Wedding Resources

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When I ask my bride if she plans on a first look, she typically responds with a no, with a super quick follow up that she’s really sorry because she knows it helps with the timeline, but….. fill in the blank.


First Looks

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Why I love first looks, and the reason might surprise you!

Wedding Resources

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