Braden + Rachel

A Granville Plantation Wedding


Imagine trying to plan an event in 2020. Gail at Granville worked with this bride and groom to make sure all their wedding dreams would come true… no matter what!

Granville Plantation is an exceptional venue. Gail really works hard to make sure the venue is tastefully decorated for anyone, and has a stockroom full of odds and ends for any event.

Rachel and Braden are high school sweethearts. They met at a church festival, and it didn’t take Braden long to ask Rachel to be his girlfriend. Fast forward 7 years later, Braden asked Rachel to marry him while on a stroll through a botanical garden.

It was a pleasure to be around this couple all throughout the engagement and wedding process. They are calm and relaxed, and that always makes everything go so smooth and enjoyable. They complement each other so well.

Rachel had a few surprises up her sleeve for the day. She had an unexpected flower girl and ring bearer, a trumpet solo, and a father daughter (brother) dance that had everyone on their feet!

The whole wedding day went off without a hitch. We’ve had lots of rainy days in Florida, but this day was nice and dry. We all were blessed with the pleasant fall weather.

Rachel & Braden, I’m so very glad to have been a part of your special day! If ya’ll can make it through 2020 while planning a wedding, you can do anything! XOXO


ceremony | Granville Plantation
dress store | Davids Bridal
bridal jewelry | Saks 5ht Ave
rings | Brittany’s & Zales
shoes | Kate Whitcomb
bridesmaids dresses | Davids Bridal
groomsmen attire | Men’s Warehouse
invitations | Truly Engaging by Magnetstreet
florist | Kathy
hair stylist | Lizy Dunn
makeup | Krystal
DJ | Lewis Stokes
cake | Katie, KT Cakes, Bronson
catering | E & J Catering
photographer | Angela Norton Photography

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  1. Kaci says:

    That dress though! 😍
    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Blue! We love you both.

  2. John Farmer says:

    Great pictures! Thanks for truly capturing how amazing I looked!

  3. Irene Farmer says:

    Fantastic pictures of a beautiful couple on their very special day. You captured the essence of their wedding.

  4. Barbara Mills says:

    They turned out just beautiful! I can’t wait to see all of them. It was a beautiful day, the venue was awesome and we had a great time at the reception. Just perfect!

  5. Rachel Muniz says:

    These pictures came out beautiful! Love you guys so much.

  6. Tiffany Hawthorne says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job with these pictures! Just beautiful!!

  7. Gina Fletcher says:

    Beautiful pictures , it was a wonderful wedding with great people

  8. Katherine Quindoza says:

    Okay, I am crying again. It was such a beautiful day for Braden and Rachel to unite as one. These photo’s capture the love between this amazing couple beautifully! I am feeling all the emotions of that day all over again. Their love shines and you captured the very essence of it.

  9. Tami Blue says:

    The pictures turned out great! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. It was a great day watching my son marry his love ❤️

  10. Rachel Muniz says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures and couple! Love you guys. The night was truly magical!

  11. Alyx Maederer says:

    Such a beautiful couple!

  12. Mindy Broom says:

    These pics came out amazing. So happy for you. Congrats 🎊

  13. Ali says:

    Congrats!!! So beautiful!

  14. Alice LaLonde says:

    Beautiful Wedding and wish the very best for Braden and Rachel. They are amazing 😍. The photos are breathtaking and Angela did a great job. The Blue’s photo album will one that is cherished for years to come.

  15. Morgan says:

    Picture perfect. Couldn’t of asked for better. Beautiful couple. Love you both to the moon and back.


    Absolutely stunning ❤❤❤

  17. Afton Smith says:

    Incredible pictures for an amazing couple on a special day! Well done!


    All pictures look amazing.

  19. Linda S Henry says:

    My love to Rachel and Braden.. Angela did a awesome job of capturing the precious moments in time. When things start to fade, your wedding photos are the most cherished memories you will have..
    Nana and Papa

  20. Orren F. says:

    Very neat, glad these knuckleheads finally did the whole marriage thing.


    Beautiful pictures to always cherish ❤❤❤

  22. Chris Fletcher says:

    Great wedding, love the pictures

  23. Pamela Henry Farmer says:

    Thank you so much Angela! Rachel and Braden’s wedding photos are simply stunning. Both you and Candice did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the love, joy and fun experienced by everyone. I will thoroughly enjoy looking upon these special moments frozen in time and remembering their perfect day for years to come. 💞

  24. Kryssy Ramos says:

    These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! You caught every facet of their personalities, and every ounce of the special details! Not to mention the FUN!!! It was an honor to be part of this wedding, and a joy to see it captured so beautifully!

  25. Kaitlin Coffey says:

    The pictures turned out great!! Love both of them and is excited to have Braden in the family.

  26. Rebeca Richardson says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! You did a fantastic job capturing this amazing day! Congratulations Mr.and Mrs. Blue!❤️

  27. Dawn says:

    All of these were absolutely beautiful! The swing pictures were one of my favorite! Best wishes for the amazing new married couple!