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Perfection is impossible but preparedness makes a world of difference! Preparing for your session is essential to making sure you have the images you want. After booking your session there are a few very important things you must do!



Location is everything and sets the tone for the entire session. Finding a location with variety and character is likely the most important part! No matter what type of session, the setting is going to be extremely important to the outcome. Scouting a location and knowing the options it offers for your photos can help enhance your images and make them more personal!



After deciding on a location, planning outfits accordingly is also extremely important. You want your choices to match one another (location and outfits) to help your photos look more polished. Take into consideration a change in lighting, instances when you want to be barefoot, and times when a certain accessory can change an image for the better! Don’t be afraid of textures and pops of color, this helps set your images apart! Any personal items or props that you may want to incorporate, don’t hesitate to bring. This can include things like jewelry, hats, jackets (letterman, etc.), awards and even a unique chair. It’s important to remember that these images are completely custom to you and should represent things you like!



After deciding on a location, outfits, and props and/or accessories, hair and makeup details become just as important. Try to focus on making hair and makeup choices that will last throughout the entire session. Know what works for you and what is going to hold best (especially in the Florida heat😉). Practicing your hair and makeup before your session can help you better understand what you want and things you may want to change!



Lastly, confidence is key in all things, but especially in your session. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to help achieve the images you want! Trust me, they are lots of fun to look at afterwards! Find images you may want to replicate and be willing to try new things. After all, this is all about YOU!


At the end of it all, the preparation will be worth the hassle for your outstanding images!


guest writer | Emma Moxley

photographer | Angela Norton

Maternity & Newborn




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