Rachel’s Party

A Perfect Party in Bronson Florida

At Rachel’s birthday party, we were asked to write our favorite thing about her. That was an easy one for me.


She’s a strong woman who loves the Lord, her family, and her people. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right, and she is very open about her struggles in effort to help others feel better.

Rachel family and friends created this beautiful setting for her birthday celebration. They had Cilantro Tacos catering, it was delicious. I went  back for a FULL second plate. The music was absolutely perfect. They knew how to keep us entertained, dancing, and provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxed evening with friends.

Speaking of Friends… Did you catch the reference to the show? They even staged an area reminiscent of the couch as Central Perk!It was a lovely, lovely evening with happy guests where we could love our Rachel.



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