The Cooper Family

A fun and unique family session on Shire Island in Winter in the morning light. | Angela Norton Family Photographer


I adore going to new locations. I love the challenge of thinking on my feet, and creating images using features of the location, as well as utilizing the light on the fly.

We all got up early…. I was up before 5, which is not my usual time of waking to say the least. And since we were going to a secluded unknown (to me) place, I made my husband and daughter go too! Yes, they still love me. 

But oh was this place and family so worth it! Those boys were cute, and shy, and sweet, and polite! And look at their styling! Not only did this family look great, they were an absolute joy to work with. I think I smiled the whole way home.

Audrey, I know your family life is not easy with the miles between, but you seem to be doing a superb job of supporting your husband and building a relationship with those handsome boys. Nice work momma. You made it look easy.

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