Courtney + Shelby


I’m beyond excited to share with you the wedding day of Courtney and Shelby at Protea in Ocala! I know I can speak for Mr. and Mrs. Days when I say we are especially excited to share their story since it was a small event, and now everyone can be a part of the day!

Protea is a newer venue, and is a quiet, magnificent, beauty. The barn is light and bright on the outside, and warm and cozy on the inside. The bride and groom had separate quarters for getting ready and hanging out. The bridal suite is completely ready for you to get your glam on, with plenty of space for your bridal party. And from what I understand, Shelby was treated like a queen and they made sure everything was perfect for her.

Courtney and Shelby have a super interesting love story! I can’t say it any better than Shelby can… “We met on my first day of 6th grade. My brother Tyler was walking me to my first class. He and Courtney were both in 7th grade. As we got to the door Courtney ran ahead of us to open the door for me and asked him if I was his sister. He said I was so beautiful! I knew nothing about love in middle school but that’s a memory I will never forget to this day. Courtney always said he wanted to make me his girlfriend but things never worked out for us. Going into highschool, we sat by each other in Math class. He spent almost every single day getting to know me better and trying convince me to give him a chance. I never did. We talked on the phone for hours and he finally told me that he had been praying for me for years and that he knew that God told him I was going to be his wife one day. I never believed him lol But to this day I have learned not to question His relationship with the Lord.”

Are you tearing up yet? Aren’t they so sweet!!
They had their first real date in February 2021, engaged (after an eventful evening that we can laugh about now) one month later, and married eight months later! Ever since the 6th grade Shelby’s smile has melted Courtney’s heart, and never gave up. In a story made for the movies, the boy got the girl, and they’ll live happily ever after.
Courtney and Shelby, I love you both so much, and look forward to watching you grow as a couple… and so much more. I’m honored to be a part of your wedding day and to be able to share your story.


Officiant | Ron Days, father of the groom.
Florist | Trenton Floral
Stylist | Logan and Peggy Brooks
Hair Artistry | Aubrey Welborn
Make Up | The Bride!
Stationery + Signage | Etsy
Catering | Mojo Catering
Groomsmen Tuxes | JC Penney
Bride Shoes | Versona

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