Dave + Maggie

Whitehurst Lodge, Williston Florida

Ya’ll! This was the sweetest, simplest, love filled, and fun wedding! Dave and Maggie were married on their family property in Williston, and as everyone around here knows that the Whitehurst Lodge is a lovely, picturesque homesite, and a wonderful place to get married.

Dave and Maggie found each other after both were just looking for the right match. Their first date was a romantic boat ride in Crystal River, and the romance hasn’t slowed down! After they learned they have the same interests and hobbies (and even favorited the same candy!), they knew there was going to be more to their story.

They both love to hunt and fish, and love spending time at the river. Maggie said that Dave simply makes her feel loved… oh and she’s smitten over his pretty blue eyes! Dave loves Maggie for her contagious laugh and her loyalty to him. They are truly a great team, at work and and home, and everyone I spoke to said how unbelievably happy they are for them! I haven’t known them long, but I feel like they are the type of people you can not only depend on, but also have a great time with!

Dave proposed to Maggie in July, and in a short time they put together a beautiful wedding day! They wanted a really relaxed day with a sprinkling of tradition, and touches of Christmas.

They also wanted to celebrate, and with the help of Justin Lee Partin band, the place was rockin! And oh the food! I wish I could share with you the wonderful smells of all the delicious dishes! Sisters Place knows how to put out a mouth watering spread!

Dave and Maggie, I really enjoyed meeting you and your sweet, kind family. It was truly an honor to be a part of your day and get to celebrate this new chapter in your lives. I am sure you know it, but ya’ll are a super sweet team, and I wish you every happiness that you deserve!



flowers | SAMS

decor | FAMILY

catering | SISTERS PLACE

appetizer table & smores bar | LEXIE





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    The pictures are beautiful ❤️

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