Unless you are a professional model and know how to pose, posing in front of a camera isn’t easy. I totally get it. I teach people how to pose all day long, but put me in front of the camera and I freeze!

I’d like to give you just a handful of some basic tips that will help you feel more comfortable during your session.



1 ) Angles

You’ll want to angle your face towards the light. What this does is bring life to your eyes with catchlights. Also, it will give your skin a bit of a glow and help blur blemishes and fine lines.

Angling your body 45 degrees to the camera, with your weight shifted to one leg, is also preferable. It slims you down, and is a more natural look.

Keep your chin down a bit. We all have a tendency to lift our face when we stand up nice and tall. Instead push your face forward a bit, thus elongating your neck, and ever so slightly lower the chin.

2 ) Relax

Easier said than done, I know. Happy and relaxed body language makes for a great picture, and any tension you feel is shown in your body language and especially your eyes. At some point during almost every session, someone will start fake smiling. So, I’ll ask them to smile with their eyes. Even if you don’t feel it, just squint your eyes a tiny tiny bit, and that will do the trick!




3 ) Posture

Make sure you have good posture, BUT don’t get so stiff you look like a soldier standing at attention. Stand up straight, relax your shoulders, and give a slight tilt of your head, with your chin down slightly. Great posture makes you look thinner and more confident.

Also, if it bends, bend it. A slight bend to any of your limbs instantly makes you look more relaxed. Bending your limbs gives separation from your body, and is slenderizing.

4 ) Wardrobe Choice

Sometime the outfit you are most comfortable wearing day to day, is not right for pictures. For example, a nice flowy, comfy top, can make you appear boxy and hide your curves. For more details on wardrobe choices, take a look at my wardrobe articles for Family Sessions or Engagement Sessions.

5 ) Your ‘Good’ Side

If you already have a side you prefer to take your pictures on, let your photographer know! I’ll be honest, sometimes I get so in the zone and excited that I’ll sort of forget that you like one side. So, don’t be afraid to remind me!

6 ) Don’t Pose

What? I promise I’m not trying to be contradictory! Some of the best images happen while your in motion. While you are walking, truly laughing, or brushing back your hair.


7 ) Know your make-up.

Some products just aren’t made for picture taking. Greasy products make for shiny faces, and this includes using an SPF product under your foundation.


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