Austin + Rebecca


Rebecca and Austin’s wedding at the Ocala Boat Club in the Ocala National Forest in Florida was one for the books! They planned this wedding for a couple of years, and when I got the call that they had a date, I was ecstatic! You see, Austin is in the military and he had a very hard time getting a schedule nailed down. And as you will see, it was worth the wait!

Rebecca wanted a private waterfront wedding, so she chose the boat club with its sweet lagoon and beautiful green grounds.

Rebecca and Austin are really cool people. Always with a smile and pure kindness, they seem to take life in stride and don’t get shook up about much!

As long as they are together, they are in complete bliss.

Their engagement session took place almost two years before their wedding! (I told ya they had a tough time scheduling.) And insert swoon! Their engagement session was an all time favorite. I loved the uniform and the red dress. We also recreated the picture of her holding all his letters he sent while they were apart.

You can’t tell from the smiles you’ll see in the following images, but their wedding day didn’t exactly go as planned. Their planned waterfront ceremony got rained out. Like completely. This bride and groom didn’t let that get them down for one second though. Their family hustled and worked and transformed the reception hall into a beautiful ceremony site.

I really had a great time at their wedding, and they succeeded in making me feel like I was a part of their family. I felt adopted, and it was great!

Rebecca and Austin, I can’t wait to see your life unfold together. As you roll through the punches of life, always remember how gracefully you handled your wedding day, and with that mindset ya’ll can take on the world!




PHOTOGRAPHER: Angela Norton Photography

HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Sabrina Brice

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