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This lady right here is a gem! She is the most real, genuine, and caring person! She needed headshots for her book jacket, food blog, and Keto Coach branding.

Roberta has an exciting new book, called Blind Sympathy, available on Amazon. Here’s a peek:

Vafara is a blind composer who creates new symphonies for the world. Alone in a cabin with only her service dog, she’s not concerned in the slightest for zero cell phone reception in a secluded in the woods. This is her special time where she can be free to let her musical compositions speak to her. Israfel is a demon one assignment short from graduation: possession of an innocent soul. He’s always know he was different from others of his kind, and meeting the pure Vafara confirmed it. Will he be able to possess the passionate musician when all he wants to do is hold her? Or will he throw it all away and risk an Angels and Demons war to save her innocent soul from the dark fate that awaits?

So, she needed a headshot for her book cover, and we came up with this. These were taken in her home library, and how cool is her bookshelf!

As if being a successful author didn’t keep her busy enough, she is also the creator of Ketonian Nerds Blog and Ketonian Nerds You Tube, and needed another set of images for her website. Roberta is a great cook, loves to experiment, and she shares her recipes on her website for us all to have.

Oh, and did I mention she’s a Dr. Berg Certified Keto Coach? Yep, she does it all. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding being healthy and ways to live a low carb lifestyle.

Roberta is a woman taking charge of her life and I admire her so much.

And that smile you see in the images is one-thousand percent real and even more beautiful in person.




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