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Article by the uber talented Sabrina Brice!

 Trial runs are a lifesaver!

By having a trial run of your wedding day hair and makeup done with your hairstylist and makeup artist a couple of months before the wedding takes so much weight off your shoulders on the big day. You will know that you are going to look amazing with your hair and makeup. Also, you already know you are satisfied with your stylist’s work. Bring a couple of inspirational photos to your trial run of what you’re envisioning! This will give the hairstylist a better idea of what style, you are trying to achieve.

Trust the Professionals.

Be open when you come to the trial run to different styles. We are trained to provide the best advice and service to create the perfect look for your features, coloring, dress, facial shape, etc. All to make sure your wedding day, is a day you will remember till the end of time. That you can look back and smile upon.

Always make sure your hair around your face is styled away from your face.

This is a small detail that a lot of people don’t think of. But later on, during the ceremony or photos, the last thing you want to remember is repeatedly brushing your hair back from your eyes or out of your lipstick… Yikes, not fun! When your hairstylist curls your hair around your face, make sure the hair is swept away and pinned or curled away from the face.


Keep things natural.

Bright eyeshadows, lipsticks, or blush on your face with professional photos or videography don’t mix well. I recently took a couple of advanced education classes on bridal makeup from a makeup artist that works with several Hollywood celebrities, directors, movie production companies. She said, “One of the biggest mistakes people make is going crazy with their makeup, forgetting that it might look different on camera than in person. Lightening at the wrong angle can catch those colors and not flatter your beautiful facial features.” Also causing more work for your photographer/videographer to fix.

Choose comfort!

You want to be yourself, so make sure you pick a hairstyle and makeup look that you feel amazing and comfortable in. Remember, your wedding day is long, so the more comfortable you are, the better your memories will be.

By Sabrina Brice 

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