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When I ask my bride if she plans on a first look, she typically responds with a no, with a super quick follow up that she’s really sorry because she knows it helps with the timeline, but….. fill in the blank.

I’m here to tell you, first looks go far beyond the practicality and the schedule. I love first looks because they are magical.

And take everything I say with a grain of salt! Because really whatever you decide, I am there to document YOUR day in all it’s perfection!


Now on to my reasons for loving first looks. Go ahead and put on those rose colored glasses and get a little dreamy with me for a moment.

Like I said, first looks are magical. You have the big reveal with your man, and he gets to touch you, love on you, and talk to you. These are all things he won’t be able to do during the ceremony. After the ceremony, you two will not get a moment alone to connect.

First looks also provide you time in the day to just stop while the world spins around you. You two are alone, and people know to leave you alone! You get a chance to breath. Together.

Your wedding day is a whirlwind, and you get to stop time, calm both your nerves, team up, regroup, and talk about where you are and how you got there.




Here’s the part that may surprise you as to why I love first looks…

Funny thing, it’s usually the groom that doesn’t want a first look. He wants the big reveal to be when you come down the aisle. But let me tell you, a the big reveal is so much more than a groom seeing his bride! This is also his moment in a day that, frankly is mostly about the bride. This is his time to act how he feels. He can let down his guard. He will still get emotional during the ceremony, I promise, but a first look is his moment to be himself with you.

Remember, he may be much more reserved in front of an audience.


Let’s change lanes, and talk about that schedule, because the logistics of a first look can’t be ignored. If we take care of your bride and groom, and some family portraits prior to the ceremony, it gets you to your cocktail hour and your guests that much sooner in the evening. You just have to decide what is a priority for you.

Of course, there are many reasons to NOT have a first look too! Let’s explore the other side of the topic.

Are you superstitious? Will you think it really is bad luck? Are you a couple who have their dream wedding planned and a first look is simply not in it? Period. Or maybe the timeline is running behind and you just can’t fit it in. All of those are perfectly valid reasons!

What if you really can’t decide?

You go halfway!


Have a first touch, private vows, a first prayer, or a first lovesong. He doesn’t see you, but you still get that oasis in time where you connect.

There you have it! I have seen some of the most honest, real, and raw moments between two people that you can imagine.

I tear up every darn time (and it’s usually because of the grooms tender reaction and unrestrained emotion).



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