Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Midday, or Flash?

Session Education

Since photography is the capturing of light, or the absence of it, the look of your session, is directly related to the time of day, and the color of light being produced.

As the earth revolves around the sun, we have different sunrise and sunset session times every day! I use an app called Photopills on my phone to plan session times in advance.

Midday Sun

While this is considered a less flattering time of day to be photographed, I think it can be super fun, bright, and contrasty.

young man standing in the middle of the gators baseball stadiumSenior at midday.

You will see more highlights, shadows, and the colors will be brighter. Brighter shades will give a more energetic feel and attract attention.

engaged couple at disney springs during midday sun.Engagement session during midday.

Usually I’ll be looking for shade and a background that is not washed out by the sun.

Family sitting in grass at washington oaks st augustineFamily session at midday.

Midday is an especially nice time of day to have your session during the winter months in Florida!

Golden Hour

The golden, beautiful, and soft light also happens twice a day, and it’s called the Golden Hour. You guessed it, everything is bathed in golden light, and it is a super flattering light to be photographed in.

little boy in cowboy hat during golden hour
Toddler session during golden hour.

Everyone looks good in gold! Your images will reflect feelings of love, courage, passion, magic, and even wisdom. 

Senior girl in boots and dress during golden hour
Senior at golden hour.

We also like these golden hour pictures because we associate wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour with the warmth.

kids laughing in grass field in golden hour
Golden hour family session.

As you already know I’m sure, golden hour time of day is the most photographed session time of the day!

Blue Hour

This lovely time of day happens just before sunrise, and just after sunset. If you’ll notice, everything is a really cool, blue tone. The sky is usually gorgeous, and makes for a beautiful time to take pictures.

maternity image at blue hourBlue hour maternity session.

Blue hour photography session images will appear serene, and since the color blue calls to mind calmness, peaceful, the viewer of your images will feel the same.

Young lady running a hand through her hair during blue hourTeen session at blue hour.


Seeing the color blue causes the body to create chemicals that are calming.

senior tossing up cap in front of lake during blue hourSenior session at blue hour.


I feel like the blue hour session time of day is often overlooked, and many times it’s the most amazing time of day.

After Dark

Queue the drama and rich color. We get all kinds of beautiful when we use flash at night.

young lady on beach at sunsetSunset portrait.

After dark images have the wow factor. When we have a breathtaking sky that I just can’t get enough of… we keep going!


young lady in chair at sunsetAfter sunset portrait session.

So, how do you want your session to look and feel?

What session time of day are you drawn to?

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